Investigation Services

We believe you deserve to know the truth. Protect yourself with the expert services of OC Confidential Investigations LLC. All clients can rest assured that confidentiality is paramount from the highest profile personalities, executives, and government officials . . . to spouses, life partners, and individuals. Your identity will always be protected.

Background Investigations

Pre-Employment, Business Partners, Tenant Screening, Pre-Marital, Cohabitation, Nannies and Housekeepers. Check into a person's history to validate or disprove their character and identity. A typical background check includes criminal records, education and employment history, civil records, references, and more depending on the situation and individual. We are FCRA Compliant.

Child Custody Issues

Many parents, grandparents, and other concerned family members have found that the evidence we have obtained during our investigations have helped them finally get full or additional custody of their children.

Cheating Spouses/Infidelity

The pain and fear of wondering whether or not your spouse is cheating is very real. Investigating infidelity is one of the most important and sensitive services we provide. Let us end your fear and anxiety and get you the truth so that you can have peace of mind and move forward with your life. Trust your instincts and call now!


Surveillance is extremely useful for connecting all the dots, evaluating your subject, documenting their daily activities, discovering who they meet with, determining their lifestyle, etc. Whether it's a child custody case, cheating spouse or suspected infidelity, civil investigation, or an alimony check our investigators provide the most covert high-tech surveillance with accurate and detailed reports. We get it all on video when others can't!

Dating Scammers

Suitor or scammer? Screen your dating/relationship prospect’s basic information for authenticity. Is he or she really who they say they are? Knowing the truth about an intimate partner before you commit may save you from the emotional expense of heartbreak and betrayal. Go into a relationship with eyes wide open - Know who is lying next to you!

Digital Forensics

Digital Forensic evidence is as powerful a tool for today’s private investigator as DNA testing is for a prosecutor trying to win a murder conviction. Digital artifacts from messaging, texts and social media can provide a surprising level of detail about a subject’s motivations, attitudes and activities and that information can help shine a light on covert behavior.

Witness Statements

Our legal investigators have the experience necessary to obtain quality statements that will hold up in court should the need arise.

Locate People

Our investigators use the most up-to-date databases and techniques to skip trace and find people, including: witness locates, finding deadbeat dads/moms, missing persons and long lost relatives.

Asset Search & Verification

Asset invesigations involve a nationwide search of public records to locate previously undisclosed personal property or real estate held by a person or corporate entity.

Social Media

A social media investigation can be a useful addition to a background investigation or to an employment risk assessment. Investigating an individual's or business's Social Media presence across a multitude of platforms may provide information relevant to a court case, supplement evidence, establish character, and may be used to support or disqualify an alibi.

Bug Sweeps

There is an epidemic of spying being conducted by family members, neighbors, landlords, business competitors, and others every day! If you suspect you are being watched, listened to, or followed . . . MAYBE YOU ARE! There is only one way to know for sure.. You deserve to know and have peace of mind. Call us and request a professional bug sweep today!

Process Serving

Simplify your life and let us handle your process service needs and never again worry about the job being done right.